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Seek First Podcast

Sep 30, 2019

Hey guys! I was a little late with this podcast as I was getting over a bit of a cold over the weekend, but I am feeling Great today!
I wanna share something important that I feel like I need to remind myself daily!
And that is.. That Life is in the Journey not the destination.
What I mean is: While we are on this earth we will never reach a point when everything is absolutely perfect and have zero problems or obstacles.. Whenever we overcome one problem, the next one is there ready for us.. To help us Grow!
How many times have we thought ‘If I just get this 'thing' my life will be set. If I just get this promotion or make this amount of money my life will be complete. Or if I get this dream house after that.. I’ll have no more worries.  We all understand that this is not true yet often we think like this and get caught up not being Grateful for what we have now and where we are now.
It’s perfectly find to go after those dreams and goals but we should always keep in our minds that it will not completely fulfill us (that’s okay) Thats why Its best that we make the most of the process and ENJOY the journey! 
We have to realize that’s what life is all about. 
We are called to solve problems.. and then after that..  solve bigger ones. To move mountains and then more of them. To overcome obstacles and then to keep going. To get through the tough seasons and inspire those around us.
When we remind ourselves of this daily we can LEARN to Enjoy Life in every season of our life, Trust in God and fix our eyes and thoughts on what really matters!
I Hope that encourages you guys wherever you are on your journey!
Don’t get caught up in things that won’t fulfill you.
And be intentional on enjoying the journey! You’ll be much more grateful when you do achieve those goals and desires you obtain & Then your on to the next Journey!
I hope you can be more aware of this truth today and have the best day ever! Thanks  so much for listening!
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Have an awesome week guys, Enjoy the Journey!
I’ll see you guys Next Monday!