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Seek First Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

Welcome to the Seek First Podcast, We are a community of Believers who are always looking for ways to max out their lives in Health, Business, Relationships, Mindset and Faith but always Seeking the Kingdom FIRST and putting Christ at the Center. | I'm your Host: Daniel Ziedins & I'll be here every...

Aug 19, 2019

List of Declarations you can print out and speak over your life:

Aug 12, 2019

Your Snooze button is KILLING you may seem like a dramatic statement.. but when you realize how the "Little" things in our effect us in a Major way.. You won't look at those "small" habits the same way!

Hope this added value to your life!

Thank you for all the Feedback!

Be sure to Become a Seek First Warrior...

Aug 5, 2019

Welcome Seek First Warriors!

Today we are talking about Creating a Vision Board and how POWERFUL it is!

It works guys - Let's make it happen TODAY!

Comment below if you Have a Vision Board and your Experience with it so far.. Also Comment below if you are Building one Today!